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Đồng hồ đo lưu lượng siêu âm Model : TUF-2000B ( wall-mounted converter)

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Product Overviews

Kaifeng Instrumet KY-UFM2000 series ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid within a closed conduit, the transducers are a non-contacting, clamp-on type, which will provide benefits of non-fouling operation and easy installation, can be applied to a wide range of pipe flow measurements. Applicable liquids include pure liquids as well as liquid with small quantity of tiny particles, such as water (hot water, chilled water, city water, sea water, waste water, etc.), sewage with small particle content, oil (crude oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, etc.), chemicals (alcohol, acids, etc.), plant effluent, beverage, liquid food, ultra-pure liquids, solvents and other liquids.

Features And Functions

● No need to cut pipes, no pressure loss;

● DN15-DN6000 Pipeline flow measurement;

● Fluid temperature -30℃.-160℃;

● Improve installation accuracy, easy and quick to install;

● LCD Monitor – Menu with four languages: Chinese, English, Italian and French;

● Built-in 32K memory: Store up to 2000 lines of measurement data, use of matching measurement data analysis of statistical software, process measurement data, as tabulation, statistics, data analysis, data screening, print statements, production flow curve;

● Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meters can be installed without having to stop the process or cut into the pipe line. It is ideal for process measurement in applications where users previously had not installed an in-line flow meter and for applications where large line sizes or exotic materials are required for in-line measurement technologies.

Technical Parameters


Water, sea water, waste water, acid-base liquid, alcohol, beer,

all kinds of oil that could conduction ultrasonic wave, 

single homogeneous liquid

Pipe Range:

DN15mm ~ DN6000 mm

Flow Range:

0 ~ ±10m/s



Liquid Temp.:

-30℃ ~ +160℃

Pipe Materia:

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, 

glass fiber reinforced plastics, lining is allowed

Data Storage:

SD card timing storage settled parameters and measured result.

Power Supply:

DC8~36V or AC85~264V

Signal Output:

4-20mA current output, OCT pulse output, relay output

RS485 port support MODBUS communication

Signal Input:

Three way 4-20mA input, could be data collection, connect with 

three wire PT100 to enable the heat measurement