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WBS Bộ đo nhiệt độ (PT100/PT1000)

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Product Overviews

Kaifeng Instrument WBS series integrated temperature transmitter (hereinafter referred to as the instrument) is developed first by our company. After launching into the market in 1985, with 20 years of constant improvement, it features the integrated structure of sensor or transmission circuit at home. It adopts thermal resistor or thermocouple as the temperature sensitive elements, adopts special circuit module to convert the local signal of sensitive element into the standard current which is linear with temperature, the signal can be transmitted with common copper cable, which can save the precious compensation wire or cable, and features low signal transmission distortion, strong anti-interference ability with far transmission. It is very convenient to connect with varied secondary instrument or computer system for temperature measurement and control.

Features And Functions


Technical Parameters

1 Output signal: (4-20)mA

2 Basic error: transmission circuit 0.2%, digital display meter: 0.5% +1d

Sensor thermocouple ±0.75%|t|

Platinum resistance ±0.15+0.2% |t|

3 Output load: (0- 550) Ω (at 24V power supply)

4 Power voltage: 24VDC(18- 36) VDC

5 Working environment: temperature: explosion-proof (-20~+50)℃;

Liquid crystal meter: (-20~+50)℃;

Others: (-40~+60)℃;

Relative humidity: (5- 95) %

6 Explosion-proof class: explosion-proof Exd II BT4- T6

Intrinsically safe Exia II CT4- T6

7 Measurement range and sensor graduation (Table 1)

8 Cable inlet the interface thread of the conduit G 1/2″

Industry Applications

With WBS temperature transmitters, you’ll benefit from innovative, industry-leading technologies engineered to meet the demands of tough environments and challenging applications. Capable of accepting signals from all industry-standard resistance temperature detectors (RTD) and thermocouples, these transmitters help ensure accuracy. For application flexibility, our temperature transmitters can transmit a hard-wired or wireless signal and be mounted and configured locally or remotely.